Get quick and easy access to census data conveniently visualized in maps, charts, and graphs

We've taken the work out of researching places and done it for you. Use PARCi to find historical and contemporary census data on just about any place within the United States. Just select a year from the timeline, zoom into the desired scale, and click to view detailed demographic data fully rendered in easy-to-read charts and diagrams.

The Simplest Way to View Census Data

Quickly discover demographic trends, reveal hidden patterns, and compare changes over time


Browse detailed spatial and demographic information across 200+ years of history.


Access past census data on historically-accurate maps. View vivid charts and graphs of demographic data.


Save maps and export data visualizations for use offline.

Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

1. Sign up.

Start your PARCi account for free (no credit card required).

2. Select a year from the timeline.

Choose from over 200 years of census data.

3. Choose a geography.

Select an area to explore and choose to view it at the state, county, city, tract, or block level.

4. Start analyzing.

Click on the map to view charts showing data on population, income, education, and more!

Spatial Data Made Simple

Get the information you need with simple but powerful charts and diagrams that visualize 200+ years of census data.